Rainy day projects

I am currently obsessed with Runway DIY! I literally went through all of Arianna’s posts in 1 hour, and thought that the DIY Yeti Pouch would make a great rainy day project! Instead of a clutch (which apparently is different from a pouch, I’m confused haha) I decided to go bigger and make a case for my shiny new baby, also known as Duncan, also known as my MacBook Pro.

Yesterday, after my habitual lunch-time gym trip, I decided to stop by National Book Store to pick up some supplies for the project attempt. I ended up spending an hour and only emerging with some groceries (breakfast food!), 2 pens, and a mesh envelope I prayed would fit my laptop. I was disappointed that they didn’t carry yarn, which is weird because I remember when I was growing up, yarn was like the go-to craft project staple. Luckily, I found some white yarn lying around the house. And since, surprise!, they didn’t carry yarn needles either, I had to make do with a large-eyed needle and a crochet hook that I also had stashed at home.

So far, this is what I’ve come up with. Should have used a white envelope instead, but I’ll see where this white-on-black takes me. And I’m working slowly! That’s all I’ve done and I worked on it for maybe 4 hours last night!

My work desk is actually my brothers’ desk in their old room. Now that they’ve both moved out, I’ve expanded my territory and claimed their room as my own. Everything on the table top and clipped to the bookcase are mine, but as you can see, my brothers’ books and VHS tapes (and classic video games which are out of frame) are still eating up valuable space. Clearing all of their things up will be a whole ‘nother project!

But since the cable is out now, due probably to the winds and rain, I’m going to take this as a cue to catch up with this project, and watch movies on my laptop. Next update hopefully tonight!


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