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The final fourteen

I went to Ortigas today to sign a contract with my employers. I read through the whole thing, I promise, but I’ve forgotten important details, like my job title (what the frak, seriously!). I did learn that my work hours are from 8:30 to 5:30 — not bad, I’d get up at 7am and leave the house at 8 — and that we’re expected to be dressed up at work — WIN!

I have two weeks until I start work! Time to make the most of it!



I think I’ve made lots of progress this afternoon. I usually never sit through full TV episodes, let alone a movie, when watching solo on my laptop, but this yeti pouch is great for my faux-ADHD. I ended up watching Sucker Punch, 4 episodes of Community and 6 episodes of Chuck — NOW THAT’S PRODUCTIVITY! But then my productivity ground to a halt when —

I RAN OUT OF YARN. 😦 I’m heartbroken! Metro Manila is stuck in a non-stop rainfest for this weekend I suppose, so I doubt I can run out for more white yarn, especially since National Book Store outrageously does not carry the stuff! So that’s a pause in this project. I seriously need to find a new one to keep me busy.

Rainy day projects

I am currently obsessed with Runway DIY! I literally went through all of Arianna’s posts in 1 hour, and thought that the DIY Yeti Pouch would make a great rainy day project! Instead of a clutch (which apparently is different from a pouch, I’m confused haha) I decided to go bigger and make a case for my shiny new baby, also known as Duncan, also known as my MacBook Pro.

Yesterday, after my habitual lunch-time gym trip, I decided to stop by National Book Store to pick up some supplies for the project attempt. I ended up spending an hour and only emerging with some groceries (breakfast food!), 2 pens, and a mesh envelope I prayed would fit my laptop. I was disappointed that they didn’t carry yarn, which is weird because I remember when I was growing up, yarn was like the go-to craft project staple. Luckily, I found some white yarn lying around the house. And since, surprise!, they didn’t carry yarn needles either, I had to make do with a large-eyed needle and a crochet hook that I also had stashed at home.

So far, this is what I’ve come up with. Should have used a white envelope instead, but I’ll see where this white-on-black takes me. And I’m working slowly! That’s all I’ve done and I worked on it for maybe 4 hours last night!

My work desk is actually my brothers’ desk in their old room. Now that they’ve both moved out, I’ve expanded my territory and claimed their room as my own. Everything on the table top and clipped to the bookcase are mine, but as you can see, my brothers’ books and VHS tapes (and classic video games which are out of frame) are still eating up valuable space. Clearing all of their things up will be a whole ‘nother project!

But since the cable is out now, due probably to the winds and rain, I’m going to take this as a cue to catch up with this project, and watch movies on my laptop. Next update hopefully tonight!

The Cheap Thrill

Back in college (which wasn’t so long ago, seriously), I was an avid thrifter. Thrifting was therapy for me, which is ironic because such trips to dusty and dimly lit stores usually resulted in a sickness of some sort. Maybe it’s my inner cheapskate, but I am remarkably patient when it comes to sifting through racks of castoffs for (almost) perfect pieces that you wouldn’t have thought would be found in such seedy conditions.

Today was the first time in maybe two years I’d gone thrifting, or ukay-ukay as we call it locally. I don’t know why I had such a long hiatus from it, could have been that last semester of thesis or that buying second hand and pre-picked thrifted pieces off the internet had made me lazy to delve back in.

In the past, I had one or two friends with me to help me decide whether or not something was worth buying. Today, however, I went solo, because (1) I didn’t have anyone to go with on such short notice and (2) I wanted the peace of mind. I was set on finding particular pieces of clothing that I could wear to work. The ukays were a bust though, since sale season wasn’t into full swing — YES, there are sales at thrift shops, at least here in the Philippines — and I didn’t find anything I liked. But I was still able to buy two good pieces that I absolutely love!

I bought this grey unlined cotton blazer at the ukay-ukay beside Mini Stop, Katipunan for Php105 (from Php150). I’m collecting thin blazers since I’m already fully equipped with lined ones which aren’t too suited (haha) for our climate (which yoyos between hot and humid to rainy).

As I mentioned, I am in love with trousers! I was happy to score this pair for Php130 at the ukay-ukay at the Anonas LRT station. The fabric’s thin, similar to the fabric Forever 21 uses for their trousers, but 90% cheaper. #Winning. (Also, black doesn’t photograph well at 8:30 in the evening!)

I find the droopy pocket all sorts of adorable! And finally, here is an outfit shot.

I am both awkward and unbathed, but loving my finds! Someone please teach me how to take good outfit shots! Or gift me with a tripod. Or make it possible to take good photos without flash at 8:30 in the evening.

Hello WordPress!

After countless attempts of blogging via Tumblr, I feel that I need a platform where I can practice self expression without the temptation of “reblogging” my feelings. So hello to my WordPress account!

I am not entirely certain what content will go here, but now that I have graduated from mandatory paper-writing (also known as university) I need to practice (and relearn?) literacy so as not to seem an embarrassment to said university when I enter “the real world”

Possible blogging topics (because I enjoy making lists!):

  • Thrifting! Because I enjoy cheap finds, and going through racks of dusty clothing to find unique pieces is oddly therapeutic.
  • Fashion! I am currently obsessed with transitioning my college uniform of shorts and a t-shirt into something for presentable to bosses, clients and colleagues. I am currently in love with trousers, which I have chosen to be my “big girl” equivalent of shorts.
  • My graphics design frustration. I badly want to be a graphics designer, but I feel that I still have a lot to gain in terms of software knowledge and refining my personal style.
  • Finally, architecture. I am an architecture graduate after all. And awaiting the start of my first (ever!) job in three weeks!

I pray that I can commit to this, since I have quite the reputation (at least to myself) of failing at online journals. And also because I desperately need a personal project to keep me sane as I spend the next three weeks as a bum. I’ll be back for my first actual post in a bit as I wait for my camera to charge and take photos!