The Cheap Thrill

Back in college (which wasn’t so long ago, seriously), I was an avid thrifter. Thrifting was therapy for me, which is ironic because such trips to dusty and dimly lit stores usually resulted in a sickness of some sort. Maybe it’s my inner cheapskate, but I am remarkably patient when it comes to sifting through racks of castoffs for (almost) perfect pieces that you wouldn’t have thought would be found in such seedy conditions.

Today was the first time in maybe two years I’d gone thrifting, or ukay-ukay as we call it locally. I don’t know why I had such a long hiatus from it, could have been that last semester of thesis or that buying second hand and pre-picked thrifted pieces off the internet had made me lazy to delve back in.

In the past, I had one or two friends with me to help me decide whether or not something was worth buying. Today, however, I went solo, because (1) I didn’t have anyone to go with on such short notice and (2) I wanted the peace of mind. I was set on finding particular pieces of clothing that I could wear to work. The ukays were a bust though, since sale season wasn’t into full swing — YES, there are sales at thrift shops, at least here in the Philippines — and I didn’t find anything I liked. But I was still able to buy two good pieces that I absolutely love!

I bought this grey unlined cotton blazer at the ukay-ukay beside Mini Stop, Katipunan for Php105 (from Php150). I’m collecting thin blazers since I’m already fully equipped with lined ones which aren’t too suited (haha) for our climate (which yoyos between hot and humid to rainy).

As I mentioned, I am in love with trousers! I was happy to score this pair for Php130 at the ukay-ukay at the Anonas LRT station. The fabric’s thin, similar to the fabric Forever 21 uses for their trousers, but 90% cheaper. #Winning. (Also, black doesn’t photograph well at 8:30 in the evening!)

I find the droopy pocket all sorts of adorable! And finally, here is an outfit shot.

I am both awkward and unbathed, but loving my finds! Someone please teach me how to take good outfit shots! Or gift me with a tripod. Or make it possible to take good photos without flash at 8:30 in the evening.