Hello WordPress!

After countless attempts of blogging via Tumblr, I feel that I need a platform where I can practice self expression without the temptation of “reblogging” my feelings. So hello to my WordPress account!

I am not entirely certain what content will go here, but now that I have graduated from mandatory paper-writing (also known as university) I need to practice (and relearn?) literacy so as not to seem an embarrassment to said university when I enter “the real world”

Possible blogging topics (because I enjoy making lists!):

  • Thrifting! Because I enjoy cheap finds, and going through racks of dusty clothing to find unique pieces is oddly therapeutic.
  • Fashion! I am currently obsessed with transitioning my college uniform of shorts and a t-shirt into something for presentable to bosses, clients and colleagues. I am currently in love with trousers, which I have chosen to be my “big girl” equivalent of shorts.
  • My graphics design frustration. I badly want to be a graphics designer, but I feel that I still have a lot to gain in terms of software knowledge and refining my personal style.
  • Finally, architecture. I am an architecture graduate after all. And awaiting the start of my first (ever!) job in three weeks!

I pray that I can commit to this, since I have quite the reputation (at least to myself) of failing at online journals. And also because I desperately need a personal project to keep me sane as I spend the next three weeks as a bum. I’ll be back for my first actual post in a bit as I wait for my camera to charge and take photos!